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New Host

Sunday, May 11th 2003

Yay! Finally a new host! With no pop-ups! You probably came here from my old web address, which means you're probably confused as to why the site isn't named Jerek Dain. Well, that's something that's coming with the new design which I hope will be ready soon. Stay tuned...

Delays part two

Tuesday, May 6th 2003

Just when you thought I stopped delaying...

Well, one good thing is coming - the removal of ads! Yay! I'm actually going to be moving to a new host soon, which will be 100% ad free! I've been wanting this for a while, and I'll be glad when it happens. I'll keep the page here at Tripod up for people following old links, and also as a backup page in case there's problems with the other site, so I won't just be letting this page sit or just be deleting it.

Tripod, thanks for all the free hosting, but it's hard to beat free hosting without ads.

The new site address isn't ready yet, but it will be at when it's up.

What happened to the idea of a new site design? Well, that's still on the way too. That won't be up right away after the new address, but should come relatively soon after... So, knowing me that doesn't mean a whole lot, but this time I'm actually excited about getting it up, since I'm doing some fun new stuff with it which will add some cool interactivity to the site.


Tuesday, March 18th 2003

Well, it's been one day short of two months since my last update, and I'm still not updating the of-the-month things on the left. The new design is almost done, just in need of a few more changes.

I've starting using the cool new Audioscrobbler. (my stats page is here, if you're interested)

The new Zelda game The Wind Walker will be out soon. It will be nice to finally have the proof of it's greatness to all the skeptics who think it's a kids game just because it uses a certain kind of anime style. But on the 24th it's quality shall be proven for those few who still don't believe me. There are playable demos of the game running in stores now, and I got to have a few second on one. I immediately noticed that the graphics were definately not done justice in the screenshots I've seen all over the web and in magazines. I also got to attack a few enemies, and marvel at the cool effects of the combat moves. Very cool stuff. Even the dust looks cool, I'm not even kidding. I spent have my time rolling around on the ground and watching the dust plume up.

So, that's about it. The new site should be ready soon. (emphasis on "should") Oh, and by the way, one of the reasons that the new design is taking so long is that several sections that I removed for space purposes will be returning, so be sure to come back later to check it out.

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