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The Arreat Summit - The official online strategy and statistics guide for Diablo II and it's expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. - A great Diablo II news site.

The Epicenter of Everything Quake
PlanetQuake - The best for Quake news.

PlanetWarcraft - The Gamespy planet for Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.

Shattered Galaxy - Massive online RTS warfare.


Stimulate your senses! Stimulate your senses!
Phong - This guy is probably my graphic design idol. :) I stumbled across his site a few years ago, and now check it regularly for new art or Photoshop tips.


The official Nine Inch Nails web site
- My music of choice.

Online Comic Strips - Not necessarily for kids. In fact, rarely for kids. Well, maybe Angst Technology and Megatokyo. Penny Arcade is okay, too (on occasion).

Angst Technology - Life at a gaming company.

Errant Story
- The new comic from Poe, creator of Exploitation Now. Looks to be appropriate for a much wider audience than EN was, but don't

Exploitation Now
- One of my new regulars. May be offensive to many many people. Update - Exploitation Now has ended. The archive is still available, in all it's complete glory. Poe has begun work on his new strip, Errant Story.

Force Monkeys
- A great new comic. Very crazy people.

Mac Hall (Not a comic about Macintoshes) - A very cool comic, with awesome art. I absolutely love Ian McConville's art. Unfortunately, I could not find a Mac Hall ad banner, so I'll just try to make this description look extra long so that this site will still get the recognition is deserves.

- For gamers and Anime/Manga fans.

Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade
- A great strip for gamers and people who like to bitch.

Penny Arcade
Real Life
- Shirt Ninja! AWAY!

Comic stripes rule
RPG World
- This one is absolutely hilarious if you're a fan of RPGs (especially the Final Fantasy games, or ones like them). And don't worry: the art gets much better than the first comic.

- Like a modern Calvin and Hobbes. Much less offensive than the name suggests.


- Harness the power of 2000 donkeys! A popular new file-sharing network.

- My old browser of choice.

My browser of choice.

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