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E-Mail, Dice and RPGs, and a brilliant movie

Thursday, October 24th 2002

For a while now my E-Mail address listed on the site has been unchecked by me. This is because the E-Mail company greatly altered the way their service works without notifying me, and I just thought I was recieving less E-Mail/spam. I am currently trying to wade through the flood of old E-Mail that I have found so that I might pick out actual E-Mails amongst that which will soon be deleted. If you've sent something to me, and still don't get a responce within the next couple days, just send it again to

Another thing that I have failed to mention is my dice program. Over the past couple years I've obtained a great interest in RPGs. Role Playing Games, for those who don't know. Dungeons & Dragons is probably the most popular example, although I am not a fan of it. In fact my RPG of choice was "inspired" by Dungeons & Dragons in an odd way: they couldn't stand D&D. The RPG I play has rules based on reality, but grounded in simplicity, and it has an awesome world. Unfortunately, I can't say much more about it, since it has not yet been published, but once it is, I'll say plenty more about it here. Anyways, as I was saying at first, a while ago I made a program (written in VB - blegh) for rolling dice of various sides. You can download it here. It has buttons for rolling 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 20-, and 100-sided dice. There's also a Coin button, a box where you can pick a number, and it will roll a die with that many side, and buttons for three 4-sideds, three 6-sideds, three 20-sideds, and three 100-sideds, and two 10-sideds (for rolling 100s). All the multiple dice buttons also show the results added together, and the two 10-sided button shows the combined value of 10s designed for rolling hundreds (i.e. it could show you rolled a 70 and 2, and and also shows 72). Unfortunately I had to write the program in Visual Basic, since it's the only programming language I could learn quickly, thanks to it's incredible lack of flexibility and functionality, so it may not run right away on your computer. If it does not work, you will need to go to Microsoft's site and download the Visual Basic drivers. Most people should have no problems though.

I saw the movie Spirited Away yesterday (not to be confused with Guy Ritchie's Swept Away with Madonna), and it was incredible! Some of the most incredible visuals I've ever seen, and a great story, with wonderful characters! I know some people won't want to see it just because it's animated, and America has this stigma thinking that animation is only for kids, and while this film may be appropriate for most children, it is most certainly a film that will entertain an adult audience. I can't endorse this movie enough, it just may be my new absolute favorite movie. Unfortunately, since it has already been in theaters a while, it will be leaving them quite soon (today is the last day it shows at the theater I saw it in), so I suggest you hurry, and see this marvel before it leaves the big screen, as it is very much a movie that should be seen in theaters. I leave you now with a couple reviews:

"Mesmerizing and hypnotic. Unlike anything you will see all season."

"A mystical ride through imagination."

". . . 'Spirited Away' is the best movie I've seen all year."

"A visual stunner. A wildly imaginative animation masterpiece."

"Astonishing and exhilarating, 'SPIRITED AWAY' is one of the greatest animated features ever made."

". . . a Japanese animated masterpiece. . ."

". . . a masterpiece, pure and simple - certainly the finest thing that the distinctive Japanese style of animation, called anime, has produced - and a film that can stand with the Disney classics of the 30's and 40's in the range of its imagination and the quality of its execution."

"It is plainly, though not simply, a masterpiece from an acknowledged master of contemporary animation, and a wonderfully welcoming work of art that's as funny and entertaining as it is brilliant, beautiful and deep."

". . . 'Spirited Away' is a two-hour feast of visual imagination, consistently rendered at the highest level of graphic art."

* * * * stars

* * * * stars

* * * * stars

* * * * stars

* * * * stars

* * * * stars

* * * * stars
". . . a lovely, evocative tour de force."

* * * * stars
". . . spectacular . . ."

* * * * stars
"This is one of the year's best films."

It also won a bunch of awards already, but I don't think I need to list those. ;)

Click here to see the trailer.

J.R.R. Tolkien, Astronomy and Anime

Friday, October 11th 2002

I am now officially a J.R.R. Tolkien fanatic. So far I've completed The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion, and am currently reading The Book of Lost Tales 1 and 2. Although he is most know for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, I'd say that The Silmarillion is what really got me hooked. Once I had complete LotR I read the appendixes, and I realized that Tolkien's world was much more complex, and much more vast than I had first thought. Then I read The Silmarillion. The Silmarillion made me realize that Tolkien's world was much more complex, and much more vast than I had I thought after reading the appendixes in LotR. One of the things that really brought this home (besides the fact that there are multiple fully developed languages, a ton of partially developed ones, and many thousands of years of history) was that at the end of The Silmarillion was a short section titled "Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age". Within this section the events from LotR took up a mere 3 pages of the 28 page section. That just three pages out of just twenty-eight in a book that is 445 pages! (or 366 if you don't count the appendixes, which I think would be a bad idea) Knowing this I realized just how much these histories could be expanded upon, and made in to books of their own. Tolkien's World is indeed a grand work of genius. And, of course, anything I begin to like as much as this I feel I must contribute to somehow. Therefore, I am working on making three skins for the awesome web browser Opera. The different skins will have the navigation icons display: the Elven language of Quenya with the Elven Tengwar alphabet, English in the Tengwar, and English in Rune Letters. I hope to have these completed soon, and I shall post an update once they are done.

In other news, there have been recent announcements of the discovery of a third moon orbiting Earth (that's right, third, not second), a ring around the Earth (like Saturn's, except this one is a lot harder to see, obviously), and a tenth planet in our solar system (with a strange name even I can't pronounce). Y'know, I always thought we'd kinda know these things by now.

In anime news: If you like anime, go buy/watch Arjuna (I believe the full title is Earth Girl Arjuna). It is awesome. Sure, the cover kinda makes it look like some kind of Sailor Moon knock-off, but trust me, it is not, and it's very damn cool.

Also in anime news, there is an American live-action remake of Akira being made. I am a big Akira fan, so news of this desecration frightened me to begin with, but then I heard they are going to make "a somewhat more accessible story [to Western audiences]." Oh, great, so they're going to remove the intelligence behind it, and make it another cheap sci-fi action flick? Then I heard that the director in charge is known for making crappy movies, and I just want to kick Katsuhiro Otomo for letting Hollywood bastardize his magnificent story. Ah well, I suppose the original version of the movie already hasd 80% of the good stuff cut out from the original Manga, what will another 19% hurt...? Ugh, stupid Americans.

Last of all Húrin stood alone. Then he cast aside his shield, and wielded an axe two-handed; and it is sung that the axe smoked in the black blood of the troll-gaurd of Gothmog until it withered, and each time that he slew Húrin cried: 'Aurë entuluva! Day shall come again!' Seventy times he uttered that cry. - The Silmarillion, pg. 231-32

Entertainment Industry Requests Immunity to Cyber-Crimes

Tuesday, July 30th 2002

Slashdot says it all: "...the MPAA and RIAA are asking that they be allowed to perform what would otherwise be federal and state criminal acts and civil torts, and you will have essentially no remedy against them under any laws of the United States." Click here for the Slashdot article. I'm quickly losing what faith I have left in my country, and people in general...

Microsoft has just gone too far... Again

Tuesday, July 23th 2002

Some of you may already have heard this, but it's news to me, and something which I feel I have to make a lot of noise about. Microsoft, in cooperation with various hardware vendors, has recently announced something they call Palladium (TCPA) . What it boils down to is that in future versions of windows you will be required to have a chip in your computer called a Fritz chip. This chip will work with Windows to verify that any and all software on your computer is legal. Doesn't sound too bad, but it gets a lot worse. They also would have the "right" to delete any "objectionable" material they find on your computer. Even things such as rantings about certain politicians. Not too mention they could very easily block all competitor products. They're also using it to target Linux, and the GPL movement (and don't forget, there are many GPL products on Windows - the majority of the software I use on my computer and for web site design is under the GPL license). They target it because they will make documents much more restricted. For instance, your will no longer be able to read your word documents in programs other than Microsoft Word (I personally use Abi Word, a comparable, and completely free, word processor that can read Word files). This means you also will not be able to read these files on Linux systems, or other operating systems. Also, companies will be able to make CDs that only work for a few days, or only on your birthday. As it is said in a FAQ on TCPA/Palladium, "The possibilities seem to be limited only by the
marketers' imagination." And let me assure you, THAT IS A VERY BAD THING in itself (I've recently heard stories of companies that want to put advertisements on people's tombstones for example). There is much more to this horrorific new idea, but I couldn't finish reading it before I had to go blow off some steam. If you're interested, further details on TSPA/Palladium are here.

Design Tweaking, Designing Other Sites, and Gaming News

Sunday, July 14th 2002

Well, it's been a while since I updated, so I figured I should have a large update. So, I went about tweaking the design, and made it a bit sleeker. I rather like it, don't you?

I've also recently done the site design for the Minnesota branch of APPS Paramedical Services. If you work with a health insurance company, go give APPS some more business!

There's been big events in the gaming community recently: Neverwinter Nights and Warcraft III, two of the most anticipated games over the past couple years, have finally been released, and in very close proximity to each other.

Neverwinter Nights is quite good, with a huge campaign to it. And unlike Dungeon Siege, this one doesn't get mind-numbingly boring. I am currently making a quest module for NWN, which I will post here once it is complete. BioWare looks to be very supportive of the quickly growing NWN community, and already have all kinds of resources online for players, DMs, quest- and mod-makers. I give NWN a 4 out of 5. Not quite a "required buy", but very close. If you were disappointed by Dungeon Siege, as I was, this may take away some of that sour taste.

Warcraft III is a Blizzard game. Therefore it is excellent as a rule. It gets a 5 out of 5, along with bonus points for being a new Warcraft game. :D It has excellent gameplay, graphics, sound, music, voice acting, and a great story. Every gamer should go buy this if they already haven't. I personally pre-ordered the collectors edition months ago.

Microsoft Pushing Schools Too Far

Friday, May 10th 2002

A while back I heard news of Microsoft forcing 24 school districts to go through a time-consuming and costly audit. This would cost them around $100k. Anyone who knows anything about the current state of educational funding, knows that it is in horrible shape, and there is great need for more money in education, not less. Fortunately, it's starting to look like Microsoft shot themselves in the foot this time. Many of the schools are looking at the possibility of abandoning Microsoft in favor of the far cheaper Linux, as many schools are already doing. Get the full story at Slashdot. Is it just me, or does Microsoft seem to hate education? Well, makes sense since all the more educated techies despise Microsoft...

Technology In Schools: Microsoft Bad; RedHat Good

Wednesday, May 8th 2002

Looks like RedHat is offering a kick-ass cheap deal for schools, and Microsoft is restricting schools to an overly costly, irrational deal. Get the story at Slashdot. Time to go around to all the local schools and tell them how to save a ton of money so they can actually educate some children.

The Third Bad News Post In A Row

Friday, April 26th 2002

Well, there was recently an obscenely stupid ruling in a court case recently. The misinformed Judge Limbaugh made a ruling for heightened enforcement of computer and video game ratings restrictions. This in itself is not a bad thing. I'm all for game ratings enforcement. The problem is that the ruling was based on the absurd idea that video games are not speech, and therefore not protected by the first amendment. I hope Judge Limbaugh was looking to start a war, because he just got one. If this beloved medium is regarded as not being protected by the first amendment, it will be open to all sorts of legal attacks, and could be of great harm to the industry, and it's future. Not to mention that it's insulting to the intelligence of gamers everywhere. Penny Arcade has a report of the situation. Read it, and make with the letter sending. And remember this: sending angry letters will only worsen the situation. Remain calm, and flood them with mail in an orderly fashion...

America is seeming less and less appealing by the day... Stupid Americans...


Thursday, April 18th 2002

After hearing this, moving to Canada sounds quite appealing...

So, who remembers the book 1984 by George Orwell?

The Entertainment Industry Is Trying To Outlaw Personal Computers

Tuesday, April 2nd 2002

Everyone has been hearing about the steps the large entertainment industry companies have been taking in recent years in order to "protect their property." Now, with a recent bill being pushed by many of the biggest players in the entertainment industry, they're trying to make some of their last steps to completely control what people are, and are not, allowed to do with the things they purchase. It may sound farfetched, but when you add everything up, it's obvious: they really are trying to outlaw personal computers. As Bruce Schneier explains it to Mike Godwin : “If you think about it, the entertainment industry does not want people to have computers; they’re too powerful, too flexible, and too extensible. They want people to have Internet Entertainment Platforms: televisions, VCRs, game consoles, etc.”

To this I have one abrasive and unkindly declaration: F#ck them.

If you would like to know more, check out this article at ARTS & FARCES Internet.

Home Builders in CT / Microsoft Openly Attacks Unix / Cheesy Super Heroes are Fun / Gunnm Petitions are Fun

Friday, March 29th 2002

Lots of topics today. First up, I have just revamped the web site of David Stoner & Co. LLC, a home building company in Connecticut. Go check them out, if you're thinking of buying a home in CT (the land where people consider 40 degrees a cold winter day - sounds to me like record highs).

Next up, Microsoft is once again trying to openly bash the Unix/Linux world. Before Linux was being called un-American (which is absurd since Linux is based on the idea of "Of the people, for the people, by the people", and Microsoft is just the opposite), now they're calling Unix expensive. FYI: Unix is free, and there are tons of free online support groups to help with any technical problems. Sun Microsystems responded by saying they still don't see Microsoft as a threat to them, and "As for Unix being 'inflexible,' 'expensive,' and 'complex,' we feel those are terms much better suited to the closed and proprietary world of Windows." I found out about this at Slashdot.

There's a new computer game out called Freedom Force, which is absolutely great. It's a super-hero game making fun of super hero stereo types. Not only is the humor fantastic, but the gameplay is better than I had dared to hope. Along with great graphics, sounds, music, and some of the best multiplayer I've played in a long time, this is a must for gamers and comic book nerds alike (me being both of those).

For anyone who is a fan of Gunnm (better known in America as Battle Angel Alita), I urge you to lend your signature to the Gunnm: Last Order petition. There is finally a sequel to Gunnm, and there are so far no plans to have it translated in to English. The petition is for the people of Viz (the company who would be doing the translation) to get to work. :) If you're interested, I'm signature number 1063.

Carmack, Lord of the Games

Monday, February 4th 2002

I have always told people that John Carmack is one of the most influential people in 3D technology, and gaming. There is a great article at Red Herring showing that I may have have been off by a bit: it looks more like he is the single most important person in 3D technology and gaming. When you tally up his accomplishments, they really are fantastic. I suggest anyone interested in 3D, gaming, FPS gaming, or Id Software, check out this article. Even those who are not that interested could find it very interesting, considering what a huge influence gaming has on today's culture.

Damn, Carmack is cool...

Past, Present, Future...

Tuesday, January 15th 2002

In my last post I spoke on the new game Dark Age of Camelot. Well, that fad has already passed. I think that MMORPG games are just not for me. [NOTE: MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game] Regardless of my thoughts on the genre, I am still predicting that I'll be very addicted to the upcoming World of Warcraft from everybody's favorite can't-go-wrong company, Blizzard Entertainment. I mean, seriously, the day Blizzard makes a less than awesome game is the day I become the US president. (Not that I would somehow cause them to make a bad game, mind you)

Despite my disinterest with DAoC, my interest with Shattered Galaxy is only growing... I am currently a top officer and webmaster of the greatest, and maybe the largest regiment on the most powerful planet. If you are a Shattered Galaxy player interested in joining, check out the Join IC section at the Ituron Cavalry website for a rules listing. Right now we are quite a large regiment, and unless you are a veteran player, or high level, your chances of getting in are slim, but feel free to contact us regardless. :)

For those of you who are interested, college continues along. Somewhere along the line I seem to have finished all the technical courses before I met a challenge... Well, I suppose there were those quiz questions about the bgsound and marquee HTML elements, which no one should ever, ever use...

I have begun to further contemplate the idea of becoming a teacher, instead of doing web design... sure, it's crap pay instead of great pay, but it carries with it great personal rewards, and the opportunity to show these youngster designers what fools they've been designing solely for IE.

Ok, here it is broken down for those that think IE is as good as it gets: Mozilla is faster (both starting and loading sites), follows all proper standards, so things are done as intended by the World Wide Web Consortium, it has great features like ad-blocking, pop-up blocking, a password manager, form auto-fills, and MUCH better security than IE and Outlook. Last I heard viruses were still 99% only for Microsoft Outlook. Mozilla is immune to all these. Oh, and it's skinable too, a lot of people like that. I haven't tried any besides the two that come with it though, since besides the default, which makes it look like Netscape 4.7, it has a great skin named "Modern." Anyways, I'm gonna stop ranting about it before this post gets any longer than the monster it already is...

The Music Industry is as Sharp as a Bag of Wet Mice

Friday, November 30th 2001

Okay, now this is just rediculous. I thought these people went to school, or were in some way educated? Well, apparently not. Would you pay $10 a month for 30 MP3s that you couldn't move anywhere ever? Lots of people these days have MP3 players - can't copy it there. Maybe your other computer has better speakers? - can't copy it there. Horrible computer problems and you need to copy everything to a new computer - whoops, not those MP3s, son. Man, these people are daft. I'd say boycott, but there's no need for encouragement, it has already begun. Check out this article at ZDNet and read the poll at the end if you don't believe me. I've been getting news from ZDNet (and that fool David Coursey - don't believe anything nice he says about Microsoft, people) for years now, and I've never seen a poll have more than 70% of the votes for a single option, until now with a landslide 92% in favor of ignoring the music industry completely. Another 7% said they're not in favor of the idea, and a pathetic 1% said they'd bother with it.

In other news Dark Age of Camelot is the next Everquest. To all my pals on the Bors server in Midgard: we really do rule, don't we? Kill them Hibernians good.

News from the Shattered Galaxy

Thursday, October 25th 2001

Well, my obsession with Shattered Galaxy continues... Since my last post, the regiment I was in, Vini Vidi Vici, often referred to as VVV, began causing all sorts of political disruption, causing heavy opposition to our current Overlord, and eventually putting him out of office (though not before he disbanded our regiment), but when we tried to put our old regiment leader in office, he withdrew from the race for whatever reason, and said to vote for a friend of his, but he didn't win. The guy who one ended up being disliked so much that he was kicked out of Overlord within a couple days, and the old Overlord came back, and we knew our regiment was done for. A couple of us decided to stay in Talis, but most pledged loyalty to other factions, the most, by far, was to Ituron, where I went. Before leaving I heard that there was a regiment named Ituron Cavalry that was run by a cool guy, who was a veteran of Thoth, so my friends and I joined their regiment. Since then I have become good friends with our leader, and our regiment has become one of the largest and most well known in the galaxy. When the overlord in power was about to end his term, not interested in reelection, our leader, Jeslek, ran for Overlord. I was close, but he won due to those who have met him in Ituron, and those who remember his reign as a Thoth Overlord. He has only been Overlord of Ituron for a couple days when something happens. In recent News Feeds there have been mentions of a weapons company named Grimwell, where the executives were found brutaly murdered, and a company named Terminus took over. All weapons sold under the Grimwell name were renamed to Terminus. Rumors began to spread of Terminus doing unsafe testing on humans resulting in disfigurement, mutations, and death. Ituron was the only faction supporting Terminus at all, and they were forced, under armed guard, out of the other factions, and in to ours. Then they suddenly took over the faction. I'm not sure how that happened, but on the map we now appear as Terminus, instead of Ituron. How this will effect Jeslek's rule, I don't know, since I haven't had the chance to talk to him, but he still appears to be listed as our Overlord. I'm not sure what's going to happen to our regiment, since it is name Ituron Cavalry, and not Terminus Calavry. We may rename, or maybe we'll keep the Ituron in our name to remember our roots. We'll see... But in the mean-time I put up a site for our regiment here. Some think this is all leading to a war, which is quite possible. We shall see where this path leads...


Saturday, September 8th 2001

Hmm... where to begin... Well, in my last real news post (on June 19th :) I was looking forward to the expansion to Diablo 2. I have since gotten, played it for hours on end, seen just about everything in it, and I now have a new game which I am really in to: Shattered Galaxy. The graphics may not be impressive, in fact I think they downright suck, but the game is a hell of a lot of fun! Imagine this, if you will, or can: The squad-based strategy and customization abilities of Fallout: Tactics, combined with Starcraft-like units, a Diablo-like hero system, add a government and politics (which users do not have to participate in), and make it massively multiplayer (meaning that thousands of users will be in the same game world), and you've got the kick-ass Shattered Galaxy! If you get it, you'll be able to recognize me as the guy named CheesePony, telling people "Your kung fu is weak, and your mother dresses you funny!" Just remember this phrase when you see the graphics: "Bad graphics won't hurt a good game, and good graphics won't save a bad one." Also on the topic of Shattered Galaxy, you may want to take a look at my listing of how much clout you need to access certain high level units. I'm personally going with 20 clout, because I accidentally went as high as 18.

I've put two songs in my music section finally! Those who were looking forward to some new music from me, finally got it.

One more note on games and their graphics: Max Payne seems to have mastered the art of kicking total ass, while looking as good as it gets!

Hey, look, an actual news post!

Monday, August 20th 2001

Wow, I haven't updated since July 19th... Well, this isn't much of an update, I just wanted to post something to force me to do an update soon, when I'll be adding some of my latest in poorly fabricated pseudo music (veterans of my site will note that that was the name of my first pseudo album :)

Coming soon: "Definately Not Sci-Fi" and "Doing It All Again", two great tastes that taste great together!

Diablo II

Tuesday, June 19th 2001

Diablo II is in the air... The D2 expansion, Lord of Destruction, is expected in approximately ten days... It's becoming quite painfull to wait, seeing all the great screenshots and hearing so much about it. the art for the new areas looks truly beautifull. Can't wait to be overlooking a cliff atop Mount Areat as a druid with his wolves by his side... On another note, I have a dual leech ring that's up for trade:

Email offers to Offers MUST EXCEED 3 SOJs (SOJ = Stone of Jordan). You can also bid on the ring here.

Calling all Necromancers: read my Necromancer Strategy Guide to make sure you have a clue what you're doing! Hint: if you have more than one point in Raise Skeleton, Raise Skeleton Mage, any points in poison anything, or hit things with a weapon, you need this guide!

Download my newly upgraded dice rolling program here.

The latest

Tuesday, June 5th 2001

I just got back from Connecticut, where I redesigned the site for Connecticut Spring and Stamping. I think it turned out rather well. The coolest aspect of it is the dynamic ASP database thingy we put in. I'm going to have to look in to that ASP stuff more. On another, I have to give m4d pr0ps to Mozilla, for being basically Netscape 6+. It does everything that Netscape 6 does, slightly faster, and has cool options like "Accept image that come from the originating server only." Mozilla seems to be the true Netscape, since they got bought by AOL, and were forced to include ads for AOL (shudder).


Friday, May 18th 2001

I've finished college for the summer, and while things didn't work out perfectly (what does?), I'd say it went rather well. On a more important note: go call up an old friend! I'm not kidding. Go do it, you won't regret it!

Hey, cool, I won a contest...

Monday, May 14th 2001

I recently got a snail mail from Netscape saying that I won a minor (not first or grand :P ) prize in their Netscape 6stakes! contest. Neat. It's just a bunch of free subscriptions to magazines, but they're good ones like Time and Entertainment Weekly.

A note on the recent minor changes: The site only works exactly as I want it to on the Home page (this page), and the Old News page. The rest are kinda half-and-half, due to a few technical issues, and a busy schedule. Reminder: the improvements only look right on Netscape 6, or Mozilla .9.

Minor updates and refinements

Thursday, May 10th 2001

I've added some enhanced CSS coding for people browsing with IE and Netscape 6. Some of it only works in Netscape 6. All of you people who say IE has more support for technologies (specifically CSS), are now officially proved wrong.

In honor of using CSS to bring my site out of the dark ages, I have added a "Best viewed with Netscape 6" button on the bottom that I quick whipped up. It seems bit to be and intrusive for me, though, so I'll have to refine it. I'm also somewhat worried that the CSS enhancements will make my page lose some of it's level of simplicity, which I like so much. We shall see in time...

DpBrowser Start is now available online. I will add the downloadable version, as soon as I get around to making an installation for the new version...

Can you believe that although I'm adding enhancements for NS 6, I still haven't gotten around to leaving NS 4.77? :)

There's a big mob on the hill...

Tuesday, May 8th 2001

Over this past weekend, my mother flew to Cancun, my friend Lactose the Intolerant (whom I am making the DSDOP mod with) flew to Phoenix, and I took a long car drive to Wisconsin for a funeral. Joy. Well, fortunately, it was not actually a sad funeral, but one of joy, remembering the wondrous and uplifting person that William Lemke was... Here's to you, Bill, wherever you may be...

I'll see you in the future,
if not in the pasture...

~ William Hiendrich Friedrick Lemke
November 12, 1902 - May 3, 2001

New Design

Sunday, April 8th 2001

Hey, look, a new design! Also, I got my fonts section up and running. More to come soon...

Excellent, nothing is going according to plan...

Saturday, April 7th 2001

Well, now not only is the address not my page, but it's an ad for some dumb new gaming site [looks around for something to break]. Damn Communist-Nazi-pot-smokin'-hippies, put some pants on and get a job!

Anyway, I'm looking for another host, and any suggestions would be helpful. Right now I'm looking at NetNation. Ugh, I need some money... Dammit, Fallout: Tactics still won't work in Multiplayer... [Fumes and narrows eyes, wishing for Bill Gates to die a horrible, horrible death]

I still need to get some sections and downloads up, so stay tuned, and i'll get something done. Same bat-channel, same bat-time. Well, maybe not... Whatever...

Reason to hate Microsoft # 54,717:
And a funny comic about it:

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