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Diablo II: Summoning Necromancer

NOTE: This guide was written for Diablo 2 Classic. If you are using the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, or have installed any patches, strategy is extremely different. Also, this was written for an older version when some skills were not as good as they are now. I may one day update this for the current version of D2, but don't hold your breath. :P

There are all kinds of possibilities for character creation in Diablo II. All classes have several types of characters (well... that could be argued in the case of the barbarian...). For example Sorceresses have three main types: Cold, Lightning, or Fire. On this page I have a strategy guide for my favorite class and type, the Summoner Necromancer. Choose one of the links below for information on that aspect of the Summoning Necromancer.

Skill Point Allocation
Stat Point Allocation
What Items You'll Want
In-Game Strategy

PvP (Person Vs. Person) Strategy: I'm not even going to make a separate page for this. Basically, it's not gonna work well at all. If you max out Bone Spirit, you can do decent damage, and put a lot in decrepify to slow down Barbarians, but then you're just making a Battle Necro for which I have a separate guide in the works.

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