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Everyone's Out To Kill My Social Life

Tuesday, November 27th 2001

Why does it suddenly seem like all life wants me to do is work? Granted, work must be done, and no one likes to do it, but if it's all that you do, what's the point? Work all day, even stay late for some extra cash, and for what? So when you come home exhausted and go strait to sleep it'll be in a house that has a higher property value? So your TV is a few more inches larger than the people across the street? That's my definition of no life. I'm not claiming to know the meaning of life or any of that, but I'm pretty damn sure it's not to accumulate large amounts of wealth with which you pay for things you don't have time to use because all you do is work for said money. I am a computer nerd/geek, it's as simple as that. And as such, there are a lot of things which I take interest in, and are my own versions of how other people go out to bars. They go get drunk with some friends, I hang out online and try to conquer/save a fantasy world. That may sound sound like a pathetic, lonesome activity to some, but that's what going to a bar to get drunk sounds like to me. When I'm online I'm not alone. That's the idea of being online: to be with others who have similar ideologies, likes, and dislikes, despite your distance. Thanks to my "wasting my time online" I have meet friends from around the country, and even other countries (what up, Jes!), and learned things about the world that I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to. Now I know some of you are saying "going to bars and having a drink isn't pathetic, we're with friends" etc., and, yes, I do realize that there are many different people who do different things for different reasons. People play online games for all sorts of reasons, and what I'm saying is that just because my choice in social atmosphere is in a new environment unfamiliar to past generations does not mean that it is wrong, or antisocial. I currently have two jobs (unless you count web designing projects as individual jobs, in which case I have a few more), I'm a full time college student, have chores to do, which now includes shoveling a Minnesota driveway now that winter is here, some of you know how much of a job that is, and still people are telling me I waste too much time on my computer, and I should work harder. What, like when I stayed three extra hours at my normal job the other day? Remember: just because someone spends a lot of time on the computer does not mean they are antisocial, have no life, or whatever else people commonly assume. It's just another way to enjoy the company of others, and live our own lives.

I'll have to read this tonight when I get back from class to make sure I didn't say anything too daft.

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