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Below you can download some of the fonts that I have made. All fonts are freeware unless otherwise noted. Any font suggestions/requests can be sent to

All fonts for Windows All fonts for Macintosh All fonts for Linux
ZIP File (125 Kb)
RAR File (123 Kb)
StuffIt File (130 Kb)
ZIP File (126 Kb)
Coming soon? Any one with information on a font converter for Linux or Windows, please email me!

This font was featured in

Locker Gnome Weekly Newsletter
Click here to download DpCarved
DPCrystal Decay
Click here to download DpCrystal Decay [preview version - not shareware]
DpQuake 2.3
Click here to download DpQuake [version 2.3] - read the included text file for information on using the special characters
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