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A language by Christopher Dicke

NOTE: This page uses the beautiful DS_Celtic-1 font by Dan Smith. Download it here to view this page properly..

Sed is a language that I am in the process of creating. What's it's purpose? None, I suppose. if people like it, all the better. As J.R.R. Tolkien created languages such as Quenya and Sindarin for his own pleasure, so it is with Sed. It will most likely be renamed at some point. I am currently quite happy with it's name, but I was also quite happy with it's previous name, so don't be surprised if the name changes suddenly, or frequently. Here Sed can be seen in it's infancy. I am currently creating the base words from which I will extend the rest of the vocabulary.

I have not read any guides on creating languages (seems to me like that would take all the fun out of it - makes things way too easy), and I am not very well versed in languages either. I failed, or came close to failing, almost all of my English classes. However, my English language skills excel regardless. (there's some evidence of how poor public education is, people) Due to my poor grades (and attention) in those classes, I don't really know the terms for that which comprises a language. It is only recently that I found out what diphthong and diaeresis mean, and I have difficulty remembering what some of even the basic terms refer to. As this is the case, this should prove to be an interesting project. Both for me, and for anyone interested in what my language will turn out like with such knowledge as I have. I have no idea if I shall ever finish this, or if I will even work on it more than a week (I only began to really seriously work on this a few days ago)

As far as grammar, I will write up some detailed info on it once it is more stable. Right now it's too early to so much as form a sentence, unless you are using English grammar, which would be very incorrect. The only sure thing on sentence structure that I am willing to say right now, is that I want it to be logical. (maybe I should just learn Lojban... Nah, too easy...)

Emphasis on words is on the first syllable. All words a spelt phonetically, there are no silent letters.

Update (Nov 11, 02 - 2:03 AM CST): Sed will soon be modified to use the Fonetik alphabet and spelling. Not sure what I'm going to do about the rr in Sed, though, since it breaks a primary rule of Fonetik. I hope I won't have to use some random rarely seen character like µ.

----- Pronunciation Key -----
Written as
is pronounced like
a as in English taught or father
aa as a in English acid or apple
æ [Alt-0230] as in English air or bear
ay as in English pay or clay
ch as in English church
©h [Alt-0169] as ch in German buch and Bach
e as in English hen or bed
é [Alt-0233] as ee in English peel or reel
g always as in English growl or garnish, never as in German or giraffe
i as in English bill or hill
Í [Alt-0205] as in English pie or sigh
o as in English toe or row
r as in English riddle or right
rr as in Spanish rolled rr
u as in English up or pluck
ú [Alt-0250] as u in English tune or blue

----- Wordlist -----
and el
burning ra©ha
fight tayza
fire ro©h
fly sær
I en
ice shar


me men
mind kal
my rren
of o
speak sel
spirit ær
think kor
water sil
weapon tær
you al