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The Fonetik Mode
Version 1.9.5

Thanks to Justin B Rye for much collaborative aid.

This is a guide on how to write in the Fonetik transcription mode for the English language. This mode is one of my own design (with much help from JBR), and I don't really expect anyone to use it (unfortunately), but I have decided to write it up anyway. One interesting aspect of Fonetik is that when you are writing it, your accent is written in to the text itself, so Fonetik written in different areas will stand out, and sources can be seen more clearly, and greater impressions made. (such as the word tomato, or with: English with is (with) in American, but commonly (widh) in British)

Some basic rules:


The Character Changes

The Alphabet

A Á B C D E É F G H I Í J K L M N O Ó P Q R S T U Ú Û V W X Y Ý Z - Seven additions (Á á, É é, Í í, Ó ó, Ú ú, Û û, Ý ý).



Other Notable Character Combinations


Uncommon Characters

On MS-Windows computers:
Á Alt-0193 á Alt-0225 É Alt-0201 é Alt-0233 Í Alt-0205 í Alt-0237
Ó Alt-0211 ó Alt-0243 Ú Alt-0218 ú Alt-0250 Û Alt-0219 û Alt-0251
Ý Alt-0221 ý Alt-0253                

Vowel + R Combinations

V+R English Fonetik
V+R English Fonetik
V+R English Fonetik
AR car, tarnish kar, tarnish
ÁR British car kár
ER British merry merí
ÉR bear bér
IR British squirrel skwirel
ÍR clear, ear klír, ír
OR -incomplete-
ÓR torn, roar tórn, rór
UR bird burd
ÚR tour, moor túr, múr
YÚR cure kyúr

Easily Mistranslated


Here are some basic phrases translated in to the Fonetik mode.

Standard English Fonetik English
The quick brown fox jumps over the slow, lazy dog. Dhe kwik braun foks jûmps óvur dhe sló lézí dog.
The white gate is opening. Dhe wýt gét iz ópeninh.
A great ship has just pulled in to the southern harbor. É grét ship haz jûst puld in tú dhe sûthurn harbur.
Why are those women watching those birds for so long? Wý ar dhóz wimen wácinh thóz burdz fór só lonh?
I like to read while sitting by this tree. Ý lýk tú ríd wýl sitinh bý dhis trí.
Close the door, it's getting cold in here!
Close the door, it is getting cold in here!
Klóz dhe dór, it's getinh kóld in hír!
Klóz dhe dór, it iz getinh kóld in hír!
The great, and well-known, author J.R.R. Tolkien has been a huge influence on me. Dhe grét, and wel-nón, áthur J.R.R. Tolkien haz ben é hyúj inflúens on mí.
There are many schools of philosophy, such as pragmatists. Dhér ar mení skúls ûv filásófí, sûc az dhe prégmátists.
The unnamed horse has won the race. Dhe ûnnémd hors haz wûn dhe rés.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Wûn Rinh tú rúl dhem ál, Wûn Rinh tú fýnd dhem,
Wûn Rinh tú brinh dhem ál and in dhe darknes býnd dhem.

The pronunciations of the names of the letters of the English alphabet written in Fonetik.

a é b c d e í
f ef g h éc i ý j
k l el m em n en o ó
p q kyú r ar s es t
u v w dûbl-yú x eks y

The pronunciations of the names of the letters of the Fonetik alphabet written in Fonetik.

a at á á b c ce d
e et é é f ef g h
i it í í j k l el
m em n en o ot ó ó p
r ar s es t u ut ú
û ûn v w we x y ye
ý ý z            

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