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Grunt - A language by Christopher Dicke
version 0.?

NOTE: This page uses the DECOST font by J. Decoster. Download it here to view this page properly (example can be seen in the title image)...

Grunt is a language that I am in the process of creating for an RPG world created by some friends of mine. Why go through all the trouble? I don't really know... Boredom? Does it matter? Enjoy!

I have not read any guides on creating languages (seems to me like that would take all the fun out of it - makes things way too easy), and I am not very well versed in languages either. I failed, or came close to failing, almost all of my English classes. However, my English language skills excel regardless. (there's some evidence of how poor public education is, people) Due to my poor grades (and attention) in those classes, I don't really know the terms for that which comprises a language. It is only recently that I found out what diphthong and diaeresis mean, and I have difficulty remembering what some of even the basic terms refer to. As this is the case, this should prove to be an interesting project. Both for me, and for anyone interested in what my language will turn out like with such knowledge as I have. I have no idea if I shall ever finish this, or if I will even work on it more than a week (I only began to really seriously work on this a few days ago [as of Nov. 14, 2002])

As far as grammar, I will write up some detailed info on it once it is more stable. Right now it will use English grammer, which it may use in the end. (This may seem an error to many, but the world in which this language exists, English was a past language, and having the same structure would not be that strange at all.)

Emphasis on words follows English rules . All words are spelt phonetically, according to the rules of Fonetik. There are no silent letters.

----- pronunciation key -----
See Fonetik for information on writing and pronunciation of written Sed. The following are deviations from standard Fonetik.
Written as
is pronounced like
æ replaces Fonetik's ae. Codes are Alt-0230 and Alt-0198

----- punctuation and structure deviances -----
No capitalization
If there is only one sentance in a paragraph, using a period at the end is unnecessary

----- wordlist -----
a za
die rahq
do drah
for lod
give düq
gun gahn
her würj (hers würja)
him mürj (his mürja)
I eng
-ing -ing or -ng
kill dug
like gais
lose bor
loot (potential) yohg
loot (now mine) yung
money gahte
my / mine enk / enkga
no nahq
people pahjes
person pahj
sex güd
to ü
while / at the same time vor
with wot
work lahd
your / yours yohq / yohqa

----- word elements -----
-ah- major
ai for
d me
g good
j person
k important
l work
m masculine
n danger
ng I, my
o -
p people
q bad
r happening, event
s emotion (self)
t wealth
-u- by
-ü- to
v time
w feminine, with, together
y- yours, you
z object(s)

----- tenses and miscellany -----
past-tense -ed (if ends in consonant) -d (if ends in vowel)
possesive (neutral) -a

----- examples -----
I like to kill people with a gun for money while having sex. eng gais ü dug pahjes wot za gahn lod gahte vor drahng güd