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       Everyone learns differently. This is a fact that the educational system has always ignored. The educational system has always had everything standardized, and constant, allowing no space for those who simply learn differently.

       In the past school has been nothing but a constant reviewing and regurgitation of facts. Luckily there has been some improvement in this area, although it could still use some work. Our current system is far more accepting of diverse learning styles than just ten or twenty years ago.

       In order to understand why and how education should be changed, one must understand how people learn. Each person learns differently than everyone else, although to create a different program for each individual would be impossible. However there are multiple categories in to which each person's learning style can be classified. Many professors have developed categories to specify how each individual learns. Below are some examples:

Gregoric Tests
Learning Traits

     Perhaps the greatest determiner would be the categorizations of learning best through vocal words (oral), images (visual), or kinesthetic (hands-on).

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