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Greetings, and welcome to my web page. My page has many subjects, so I cannot generalize the point of my page. In it reside both personal (Music and Quake) and professional (see Downloads and Services) goals of mine. Smaller sections that are not big enough to have their own categories, but are big enough to give honorable mention, are listed under Miscellaneous. Any suggestions can be sent via Email to If you have any questions or comments, you can visit my forum.


The day of not so many updates...
10:15 PM CST, 06/26/2000 -DeadPete

I'm back! Sorry for the long delay folks, but I've come back with some cool stuff! I put up four new backgrounds! They're all very nice and stylish ones, so check 'em out! I should have another update soon with the impending redesign... again. I'm sure some of you are getting sick of the site changing once every couple of weeks (I've gotten email :), but I promise this will be the last one in a while! I'm going to get a friendlier interface (sorry, no bones in the background!) to make my site more appealing to potential web design customers.

The day of many updates...
11:30 PM CST, 06/08/2000 -DeadPete

Quite a few things have been updated today, so I'll just list them off in the order they appear on the navigation bar:

  • General: The page has been officially renamed to
  • Art: Some new, and quite unusual art. Some people have asked me if I have ever been committed before. ;}
  • Downloads: I've finally opened my Winamp Skins and WindowBlinds Skins sections. Also, I've released a new DpBrowser Start.
  • Music: I finally have some of my music available for download!
  • Quake: I have a new skin for the Anarki model released, called Battle. Very harsh.
  • Miscellaneous: The Archive now has my first page ever! It's just horrible...
  • Hosted Sites: -5 is now officially open!

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