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Shattered Galaxy Strategy - Point Placement


Clout offers faster upgrades to Mk2 through Mk5 units, and evolution of Aliens. Many high Mk units can only be accessed with high Clout, although ALL unit types can be accessed regardless of Clout. Higher Mk units offer much more Health, Space, and usually speed increases. The highest Mk units and most highly evolved ground aliens are great poccers due to high health. Every 2 points in Clout gives you +1 Influence for buying units, and +1 Unit quality to all units for upgrading them.


Offers access to more advanced weapons, armor, power supplies, etc. and usually items get more powerful and lighter at higher Tech levels. USUALLY (not always) high education fighters will kill most Clout and Tactics heavy fighers. Every 2 points in Education gives you +1 Tech level with all units.

Mechanical Aptitude (MA)

Mech. Aptitude allows chassis and frames to holde more weight. If you have good MA you will be able to fit most weapons along with good power supplies and armor, and the good Miscellaneous items. MA is good when combined with Edu if armor is a must. Every point in MA gives you approximately 0.833% more weight on all units. This is based on 120 MA giving you +100% weight (so double space) on all units. 30 is +25%, 60 is +50%, and 90 is +75%. It is not at all necessary to go in increments of 30, any odd number of MA will be helpfull, since it's the only stat that doesn't go in increments.


Adds the ability to bring more units in to each battle, as well as small increases in HP per unit. Every 20 points in Tactics adds one more unit in to battle, so usually Tactics is gained in 20 point increments, so if you add Tactics, be prepared to add 20 for each units in battle over 6. For example: 20 Tactics allows 7 units, 20 Tactics allows 8, and so on. A total of 12 units in battlw requires 120 Tactics.

Point Allocation Suggestions

Remember, these are suggestions, not the only way. Variations of these formulas are quite do-able, just remember to think through your point allocation decisions.

For units that kill others fast, high Education and MA.102 edu (that's not a typo that it's not 120), 52 MA, 20 Tactics, 62 Clout (or if you use Spectres, 64 Clout, or if you use Moths, 66. See my Clout table for more info).

Good poccers: 66 Clout or higher (see my Clout table for more info), 69 MA, 20 Tactics, rest Edu.

Lots of units in battle: 120 Tactics (or add 20 Tactics for each units above 6 you want), around 40 Clout (see my Clout table for more info), 40 Edu, rest MA.

Total Points Gained

Remember, there are only so many points you can gain in the game. In addition to the 5-point minimum starting for all stats, and the 20 free starting points, you can earn 196 points from leveling (Each time you level up until level 50 you get 1 point. You start at level 1 in each category, and thus can level 49 times in each category). The points you start out with, plus the gained points, equals a total of 236 points. With only so many points to go around, be careful where you use them...

Much thanks to Swampy for help with this section! (even if Talis has had a rough time recently)

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