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New Name and Design
Tuesday, January 21th 2003

I've long since been wanting to leave behind my old alias of DeadPete (a name which originally came from an art project of mine way back in junior high), but I've never known what else to go by. Being as extremely precise about naming as I am, it's taken me a while to agree with myself on one, and even now I still have my doubts. One thing is obvious though: it's better than DeadPete.

Sometimes I think I'm too good at web site design. Not in the sense of real talent, but I go way too fast at accomplishing what I want. For instance, this design took about a half an hour to make, including compressing the images for the web, and making the layout in HTML. My current charge-by-the-hour model for when I do proffesional work may please a lot of customers because of my speed, but I'm not making enough money to sustain myself. I can't stand to go any slower, because that would be cheating and I wouldn't be able to stand it. Raising prices I am loathe to do, as I know that lower prices will attract more customers, since they never realize how fast I am until I do it. If I tell them how fast I am, they'll think I'm just going to throw together a poorly done site in five seconds and call it done. A painful dilemma. On the upside, each of my customers has been very impressed, and told me that they were going to recommend me to others.

Sunday, January 19th 2003
Real satellite pictures of UFOs? Click here for the Slashdot news post.

GameCubes, the U.S. Legal System, Anime, and Linguistics
Friday, January 10th 2003

I have a variety of things I'd like to mention today. First, I got a GameCube and some games for it, including Metroid Prime, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and TimeSplitters 2. Metroid Prime alone was worh the price of the GameCube. I am now playing through it for the third time (on hard). I think that gives you a good impression of my thoughts on Metroid Prime. MK:DA and TS2 are the best fighter and best console FPS I've played, respectively. Not quite the required buys that Metroid was, but both still good.

There are a couple of articles I'd like to bring people's attention to:

  • What lawyers can learn from comic books - an interesting view on the stupidity of legalism in the U.S., and laws like the hideous DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)
  • More Animated Than Life - an explanation on the popularilty of Anime, why the characters don't look Japanese, and a bit on where Japan is headed culturally. Much more interesting than it sounds.
  • ADV Confirms Cable Anime Channel - it will be interesting to see what comes from this. It's probably too much to ask for a mature Anime channel (no kid's crap or "adult Anime", just the good ones), but we can always hope.

A while ago I became a huge Tolkien fan. And being me, that meant looking in-depth in to all the wonderful little detail, like picking up a copy of Unfinished Tales, and hanging out on the Languages forum of the LOTR Plaza, and spending lots of time arguing minute details to perfection. Through the course of this I realised just how much I dislike the English spelling system (and even a bit of dislike for English in general). This lead me to start up a little project I call The Fonetik Mode. It is a transcription mode, not an orthography (standardised spelling), for the English language. However, it can also be used to render other languages, to an extent, since I also included the German ch and the Spanish rr in the design.

With this new project of mine, I've decided that I need to finally divide up the Creations section in to two: they will become Art and Projects. At the time when I do this, I may post some preliminary information on another new project of mine. The biggest and most ambitious of my projects yet in fact. But you'll hear no more of that from me, until the next update, so you'll have to return if you want to find out!