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3.50 to 35.00


More likely to be found in native villages than towns, bone armor ranges from ugly primitive weak protection to some scary looking tough stuff, depending on craftsmanship quality and what creature the bones came from.

Bone armor also varies in price. If the bones were exquisitely crafted, and came from a thang, they would have an ac of 8, but if they came from a snarg and were poorly youíd have an ac of 4.





Made from a substance similar to condensed spider webs encased in cloth, it is quite capable of stopping bullets and very expensive.

Combat armor has an AC of 10 and absorbs 6 damage. It lowers your dex by 2 though. Comes in a full suit with a helmet that has a bullet proof glass visor (AC 7)

10 str




The light version of combat armor, good for covert missions (hence the name). Consists of a light vest, helmet and optional sleeves and pants. Small enough to be hidden somewhat under normal clothing. (with the exception of the helmet)

Has an AC of 7 and absorbs 4. Sleeves and pants have ac of 4 and absorption of 2. Helmet if worn has ac of 8 and absorbs 4. Does have bulletproof visor. Comes in black and darker black. Among other colors.


Bracers (Standard)

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I thought standard bracers were metalÖ

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Bracers (Metal)

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Bracers (Combat)

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Heavy Metal



Heavy metal armor is similar to jagged metal but less crude looking and some what more reliable in the protection area.

Heavy metal armor covers an ac of 10, and absorbs 4 damage. Although it restricts movement (-4dex) and defiantly makes a lot of noise.


Jagged Metal



Modern plate mail with a scary look. Commonly worn by those who donít mind being slowed down significantly and donít plan on sneaking around. Raiders seem to wear it Frequently.

This may have an AC of 7 and absorb 3 damage, but having a -2 dex and loosing the ability to even think about sneaking could be seen as draw backs to wearing it.

13 str




Who wouldnít want a bullet proof vest? Itís a life saver.

Comes in vest, vest with sleeves, and vest with sleeves and helmet. Each costing more than the proceeding. AC 8, absorbs 5 damage.

8 str

Leather (Hard)



Leather armor, hardened in the curing and made into armor.

4 AC, absorbs 2 damage, 8 durability.

6 str

Leather (Light)



Leather armor made from light hides cured. Offers minimal protection over the chest.

2 AC, and absorbs 1 damage, 6 durability.





This is not usually found for sale anywhere. The only people who have it made it (and that is more than extremely rare) or took it from someone. It consists of very thick metal plates and motors, usually made for average sized persons.

Power Armor uses a small energy cell to power its motors (one lasts years) and has an ac of 15 with an absorption of 7. But since it is so clunky it lowers dex by 8 and raises str by 4 (up to 20) Also it takes around 5 min with help or 15 min to put it on.





Nice thick padding that absorbs the brunt of most blows.

This armor has an ac of 6 and absorbs 4 damage. It is rather bulky thought, donít expect to conceal it under civilian clothing or anything. Although sneaking is possible while wearing it.


Studded Leather



Add a large number of metal studs to hard leather armor and you have a tougher more expensive suit.

Studded leather armor has an ac of 6 and absorbs 3 damage.

10 str




Well when 90% of cars havenít been running since the collapse of civilization you should probably do something with all the spare parts, and tires are no exception.

Armor fashioned from tires cut up and sewn together is durable and comes with a 300,000 mile or 1 hour warrantee. Although it smells funny it is not uncommon. AC 6 absorbs 3

10 str




This is Power armorís big brother. It Opens up and closes on its own so you donít have to spend 15 min just putting it on. Not to mention the leather interior, and Swedish massage with heating and cooling options, very snazzy! It comes with its own gas mask, power source (energy cell) and mounted weapons. Also has its own sensor systems (motion, heat, night vision, and radio). Vitals monitor will inject the wearer with meda gel should he or she become incapacitated or have rapidly dropping blood pressure. Poly-metal armor never looked so nice.

This has an AC of 17 and only a Ė4 dex due to the improved motors and a +4 str (up to 22). Yet doesnít require any more energy to run than power armor. Mounted weapons are easily removed and replaced (if you can find replacements) and include but are not limited to anti personal machine guns, gauss cannons, laser rifles, fusion cannons, rocket launcher, and laser swords. Weapons are commonly mounted one per arm. As well as one arm is outfitted with a manipulator claw (24 str for crushing purposes).


Wood/ Bamboo

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