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Weapons - Other Guns







30mm Machine Gun



This is the not so mini, mini gun. It is usually mounted somewhere, because if it isnít mounted it will send the person holding it for flying lessons.

Commonly found on top of a humvee or mounted somewhere for base or ship defense. Good for killing just about anything. Belt fed ammo, no clips here.

.50 a shot

This weapon does 16 damage per shot and spews 7 shots per round. You canít take aimed shots and like all other rapid fire guns when not mounted it becomes difficult to accurately sustain fire. When mounted it is quite possible though.

18 str if not mounted

12 str if mounted


50.00 to 65.00 depending on type and quality


The Bazooka fires really big slugs, kind of like a giant shotgun. Used for taking out tanks and toad armor. Although shooting people with it is like trying to shoot flies with a pistol. Also the ammo is not cheap, at one dollar a shot, you canít afford to be trigger-happy.

The Bazookas slugs can only be fired once every three rounds, unless you have a bazooka that takes clips, in which case the clip will hold 3 to 5 shots. The bazookas that take clips cost more money. 10dollars more or so. They do a whopping 19 damage to anything they actually hit though.

15 str

Gauss Cannon



This weapon uses electro magnets to accelerate a large aluminum slug to speeds most conventional guns canít hope to achieve. Although it takes two kinds of ammo, an energy cell and aluminum slugs.

*Note, gauss ammo is easy to make and therefore doesnít cost all that much. .15 for cannon, .10 for rifle, and .05 for pistol

This baby will go through walls, people, the people behind the people behind the wall, the other wall behind thatÖ well you get the idea. 18 damageÖ only fires once a round and makes an electrical charging noise when fired (not silent) also quite a bulky weapon. (Youíll get 20 shots from a small energy cell out of this weapon) Clips hold 5 slugs each)

Also very accurate, attach a scope and you have a high tech high power sniper rifle.





This weapon is good for all kinds of stuff, if you have the money to fuel the ammo costs. Crow control is no problem, just pull the trigger and wave the damn thing around. Youíll rain many a large piece of lead on anything unfortunate enough to be in your way.

Bullets are .25 eachÖ

Mini-guns fire off 5 to 7 shots per round (depending on quality) And deal 15 damage if they hit anything. But when firing that many shots you wonít be incredibly accurate, so donít even think of going for head shots, just take what you can get. Youíll probably hit him when you fire off that many shots and with that much damage you donít need to hit your target in the head.


Rocket Launcher

75.00 to 105.75depending on type and quality


Unlike the bazooka the rocket launcher is relatively easy to wield despite itís size since the rocket propulsion is from the rocket not the large explosion that takes place in the chamber. The drawback to this system is the ammo costs more. 5 bucks per shotÖ ouch!

Rockets and rocket launchers come in a variety of forms. Stinger missiles fit under this category (very not cheap or easy to find, though) or explosive shells. The rocket launcher can only fire once every 3rd round unless it utilizes a clip (which will cost more) and then it fires every round for 3 rounds with a two round reloading period. Typical exploding rockets deal 17 damage and even if they donít penetrate they will knock over someone wearing a toad suit.


S.I. Big Gun



Take a shot gun, give it some stimu-crack, horse steroids, and then some more stimu-crack for good measure, and you have your standard issue big gun

Slugs cost .75 each.

This little baby is so nasty it can kill people you havenít even met yet. It fires baseball sized rounds and does 18 damage. Commonly used as an anti tank weapon or if you really want to kill some one you can use it for anti personal purposes.

Fires once every other round.