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Weapons - Melee







Axe (Fine)

10.00 to 50.00

30 to 75%

Like fine swords the better the craftsmanship, the harder to find and the more expensive. Fine quality axes have the wooden handle replaced with metal, and deal more damage as well as benefit form more durability.

Depending on axe quality add 1 to 2 damage. They also are more durable, the wooden handles are on the easy side to break compared with the metal ones you’ll find on the higher end axes.

8 to 16 str

Axe (Hand)

3.50 to 6.00


These can be used in one hand easily and are considerably more maneuverable at the cost of reduced damage.

Hand axes are in the light weapon category and deal 6 to 7 damage depending on the quality. They can also be thrown somewhat accurately unlike a sword or a normal sized axe.


Axe (Standard)

3.50 to 7.00


Average quality axes are easier to make than average swords and cost less, they are a bit clumsier though and require more strength to wield properly.

Really big axes do 9 damage

But are very heavy and would slow your attack speed to a crawl. Whereas a normal sized axe would deal 7 damage and be under the normal weapon weight category. If you had incredible strength you would be able to wield a two handed axe with one hand, but unless you are 20 or higher on str, you can expect reduced speed and damage.

8 to 16


- - - - -

Baton (Fine)

- - - - -

Brass Knuckles

- - - - -

Knife/ Dagger



A basic knife or dagger, used for fighting, cooking, etc.

5 damage, piercing or slashing, 8 durability.





A wooden pole used as a staff, about 6 feet in length

4 damage, melee, blunt weapon, 10 durability.

5 str

Spear (Standard)



A wooden pole tipped with a metal spearhead.

6 damage, piercing weapon, 10 durability.

6 str



- - - - -


(Fine Metal)

8.00 to 30.00 depending on quality


Staves made out of metal can be cumbersome and bent easily, or they can be made out of various alloys that make them lightweight and incredibly durable.

The highest quality of stave is usually by people who prefer there stave as there main means of combat. With enough skill and a stave that is strong enough almost any attack may be blocked. (with in reason, a thang for example would send the blocker flying regardless of skill) For highest quality staves use 7 as base damage.


Staff (Wooden)



Can be used for a variety of activities, from walking, to pole-vaulting, to beating the crap out of someone. Standard staves are 6ft in length.

Staves can be made from different types of wood which can effect the weight durability and price.

Staves deal 6 damage and are a fairly common weapon. They count as blunt weapons and of course strength modifies damage.


Sword (Fine)

10.00 to 50.00

30 to 75%

Swords of higher quality metal and alloys cost more but give a little extra damage to your attack. Not to mention they look a lot intimidating most of the time.

Higher quality swords would do one more damage than usual. And the highest quality swords would deal two more damage and cost around 50.00 or so.

7 to 15 str

Sword (Standard)

1 or 2 handed

4.00 to 8.00


The sword is a very common close combat weapon. They type will vary in damage and attack rate. Also some may require two hands to use properly (depending on the strength of the user).

A claymore would require the use of both hands and deal 8 damage while being in the heavy weapon category for the purposes of attack rate. A short sword would be much easier to use in conjunction with a shield but the damage dealt would be reduced to 6, and it would be in the light weapon category.

7 to 15 str