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Weapons - Guns











The one handed version of the gauss family. This is about average pistol size and it holds 40 shots per clip. Although the shots it holds are very small. Roughly ¼ the size of a typical 9mm bullet.

The Gauss pistol deals 9 damage to the unlucky party and the energy use is reduced to the point where you can get 3 clips of ammo out of one small energy cell. Still not silent though (and a silencer will do nothing).


Pistol (10mm)

- - - - -

Pistol (45 caliber)



This is a good example of a more powerful pistol. It has enough power to stop a 210 lb. man dead in his tracks from a run.

These weigh about 10 lb and have quite a kick back when fired. They deal 9 damage.

Clips hold 7 shots usually.

10 str

Pistol (9mm)



Standard side arm, fairly easy to conceal, and fairly easy to find ammo for. Clips can hold up to 17 shots but not always, 13 is also a common number.

These are small, quiet (compared to bigger guns) and not very powerful. 6 damage. Can be fired 2 times a round at –50 skill

7 str

Pistol (Cougar Magnum)



One of the best designed revolvers in existence. Power and reliability are to be found here. Holds 7 rounds at once

This gun is hard to find and good to carry. It deals 10 damage.

12 str

Pistol (Desert Eagle)



A very powerful very big pistol. So big people who carry them might be overcompensating for something… But quite useful none the less. Clips hold 10

These pistols deal 10 damage which is about as much as you can hope to get out of guns of the 1 handed type. Short of laser or gauss.


Pistol (Revolver)



Less common but not necessarily less useful. These can, with enough practice, be fired accurately at 2 times per round. –25 skill to be specific. They hold 6 to 8 rounds at a time

Fanning a revolver is a good way to lay down some cover fire. They do take time to reload if you don’t have the right kind though. They do 7 damage.

9 str

Rifle (AR15)



Basically an AR33 with an added grenade launcher.

You can only load one grenade at a time and the grenades cost around 5.00 each. Although they do 15 damage with shrapnel.

12 str

Rifle (AR33)



High power and high rate of fire. Also comes with a high price tag. Clips hold 30 shots. A very popular and stylish submachine gun.

Can fire up to 3 shots per round or a modified 5 shots. At 12 damage each.

12 str

Rifle (Gauss)



This weapon is more manageable, holds more ammo, makes less noise (although still not silent by any means), is easier to wield and demands less energy than it’s big cousin the gauss cannon. At the cost of reduced firepower though.

This weapon deals 14 damage per shot although that is only from speed, not inertia. The slugs if fires are small. And if you were to fire it at something like a thang, you’d better be aiming for the head because it won’t really have an effect elsewhere due to the reduced size of the slugs. It holds 40 shots per clip and can get two clips worth of shots out of a small energy cell.


Rifle (HP Hunting)



Basically a big hunting rifle. Good for picking targets off at a distance.

Short of a sniper rifle your not gonna get a better long distance combat weapon.

12 str

Rifle (Hunting)



A common low-end rifle that used to be used for hunting before the fall of the world. Well it is still used for hunting…

This rifle can be fired only once per round and it deals 10 damage.

10 str

Rifle (M-16)



A classic sturdy 2handed semi automatic weapon. Fairly common (among the gun toting crowd) fairly reliable.

Can be used in single fire, 3 shot burst, or if properly modified 5 shot burst. Capable of dealing 10 damage.

10 str

Rifle (Shotgun)

17.00 to 35.00


Another very common, and reliable weapon. There are many varieties of shotgun from pump action single shot, to double barrel, to combat shotguns. The price and percentage listed is for single shot, adjust accordingly for quality.

Slugs are very commonly used, buckshot although quite potent against humans doesn’t work at long range, against armor clad people, or tougher beasts. Slugs do 10 damage buckshot does 6 but hits many targets.

10 str

Rifle (Sniper)



If you had a really big hunting rifle, that could only hold one shot at a time, and came with a high power scope, you’d holding a sniper rife.

It only fires one shot every other round but it spawned the expression, "look his head blew up". It does 16 damage per shot and can fire very long range quite accurately.

13 str




Not the most accurate weapon in the world when fired in burst mode, but unlike most other handguns it can fire 3 shots per round.

Can easily be held in one hand, and does 6 damage if the hit makes contact.