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Diablo II: Summoning Necromancer
Stat Point Allocation

This is fairly simple:

Strength: 100 points if you want to wear a Silks of the Victor. If you don't want that many, you can get by with just 75, enough to use a Sigon's Guard, or just 60 for the minimalist who just wants enough to use the Frostburn Gauntlets. (see the items section of this guide for more info)

Dexterity: 25 points is where you should keep it. Not one point should be spent here.

Vitality: If you play Softcore mode (as in non-Hardcore mode) 50 should do it. If you play Hardcore mode, go nuts and put as much as you want here.

Energy: Put everything that you're not using in other areas here. You'll need lots of mana to summon a Fire Golem and lots of revives, while cursing things, and possibly throwing Bone Spirits too.

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