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for Christopher Dicke

Alternative, Safe and Sustainable Sources of Energy - Solar NOT Nuclear (informational favoring alternatives)

Chem-Nuclear Systems, L.L.C. ( a company that does nuclear waste disposal)

CRS Issue Brief for Congress / Redistributed as a Service of the National Library for the Environment / IB92059: Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal (informational)

Culture Change ( ) (informational favoring alternatives)

Definition of Nuclear Medicine (informational)

Disposal of Nuclear Waste at Hanford, Circa 1950s <-- Nuclear waste in cardboard boxes (informational anti-nuclear)

Environmental Issues ( ) (informational favoring alternatives)

Fast Facts: Solar, Wind, Biomass and More (informational favoring alternatives)

Highly Proliferatory Nuclear Waste Disposal Bill Submitted to the Japanese Diet (informational)

International Nuclear Waste Disposal Concept (informational)

Los Alamos Study Group (informational anti-nuclear and anti-nuclear weaponry)

Materials Research Society / Symposium Proceedings Volume 663 / Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXIV (informational - Huge - Uses PDF Files)

Nuclear Energy: The Green Alternative (informational pro-nuclear)

Nuclear Energy Institute

Nuclear Waste Disposal: A Safer Solution? (informational)

Nuclear Waste Disposal in Canada (informational suggestions for change)

Nuclear Waste Disposal Issues in the El Paso-Juarez / Region: Part I - Fort Hancock, Texas (informational - Huge)

Nuclear Waste News (magazine)

Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office (informational)

Physics 162: Alternative Energy (informational favoring alternatives - Huge)

Protecting Our Backyard (informational pro-nuclear)

Radioactive Waste (informational)

Radioactive Waste Disposal: An Environmental Perspective (article)

Shell's Nuclear Crimes (informational anti-nuclear)

Spent Nuclear Fuel and / High-level Radioactive Waste (informational)

Stop Andrews Nuclear Waste Dump (informational anti-nuclear)

The U.S. Nuclear Weapons / Cost Study Project (informational anti-nuclear weaponry)

The Video Project / Media for a Safe and Sustainable World / Toxics and Hazardous Waste (informational anti-nuclear)

TheVirtual Repository / *The* Database of Radwaste Information (informational)

Waste Disposal (informational - news site)

Waste Management in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (informational pro-nuclear)

The World & I: Alternative Nuclear Power (informational pro-nuclear - alternative forms of nuclear power)