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Greetings, and welcome to my web page. My page has many subjects, so I cannot generalize the point of my page. In it resides both personal (Music and Quake) and professional (see Downloads and Services) goals of mine. Smaller sections that are not big enough to have their own categories, but are big enough to give honorable mention, are listed under Miscellaneous [MISC]. Any suggestions can be sent via Email to If you have any questions or comments, you can visit my forum.


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  • The "ILOVEYOU" virus conspiracy
    7:43 PM CST, 05/05/00 -DeadPete

    I'm sure that by now just about everybody has heard about the "ILOVEYOU" virus, and is worried about protecting their computers. You've probably also heard that the creator of the virus is a fifteen year old boy from Manila, Phillipines who goes by the name "Spyder", and whose real named is probably Michael. Then again, maybe not. Wired News has posted an article on "Love Bug: The Conspiracy". Besides naming various benifiting groups, such as the RIAA and everyone's favorite evil monopolist Bill Gates, they also have a quote from someone finally publicly stating the stupidity of using Microsoft Outlook:

    "The point is that the ROOT cause of these mass virus proliferations is a pathetically insecure email client foisted upon the public by a certain evil monopoly whose name I need not mention." -
    Seldolivaw Ssov

    If you use Microsoft Outlook, and want the secure alternative, go check out Netscape
    (the new 4.73 has been released, so don't forget to upgrade!), and be freed from virus worries! I've always used it, and despite the dozen or so viri that have landed in my mailbox, I have never had a virus infect my computer.

    One final note: I will not be making any posts for a while, as I will be giving DpDesigns a new look, and rearanging some of the areas!

  • Welcome to! / DeadQuake Alpha
    7:43 PM CST, 05/05/00 -DeadPete

    WOOHOO!! I've finally moved to! After over a year of owning the domain, I finally found a host! Big thanks to DrDemento for the hosting! I'll have a cool new skin soon for the Quake 3 Bones model! And last, but definitely not least, I have decided to release an alpha of my mod, DeadQuake! It's primary remaining hurdle is the new UI menu. I got everything ready, and when I went to compile, it gave me a bunch of errors which don't make a lot of sense to me (I'm not really a coder, I just kinda jumped into my own self-taught crash course, and got lucky :). If you think you can help me with the UI, or just want to steal my coding for the new menu (as long as you cite me of course!), then click here for a ZIP file with the source file. It isn't quite what is displayed on the DeadQuake page (i.e.: there is no locational damage), but I'll fix that later. Until then, click here to get the DeadQuake Alpha! One last bit - I'm thinking about making a new design based off of the look of the entrance page. Any feedback?

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